Welcome to NWOS, we are a group for people who love offroading and 4x4ing.

What do I need to know as a NEW member?

The most important thing a new member should know is that you are a peer.  There is no leadership group that is responsible for planning events, coordinating meet and greets, etc.  If you have an idea for a trip post it up and ask if anyone wants to go with you.  It’s no different than getting your friends together to go skiing or to the movies.

We are always open to new members.  We have members that are single and in college, married with no children, married with young children, and retired with grand-children.  If you come to an event, or show up for a meet and greet it has been my observation that everyone who has been to more than one meet and greet will make a point to introduce themselves to you and even sit with you long enough that you’ll feel like you know them at the end of the conversation. Once you’ve been to a couple of events we hope that you’ll do the same.

All experience levels are welcome.  We encourage everyone to be open about their experience level.  The idea behind the website  is to provide an environment where people can ask questions about things they no nothing about and hopefully get a reply from someone who does.  If you are on the trail with someone and are uncomfortable then you should feel comfortable saying so on the radio.  Someone can spot you, or assess the situation with you to insure that you are comfortable.  You alone are responsible for your safety on the trail and as such you should *never* be in a hurry on the trail, and should *never* feel shy about expressing yourself on the trail.  The expectation is that experienced drivers will be patient while in-experienced drivers get spotted or assess situations, and that inexperienced drivers will be patient while the experienced drivers “play” on harder obstacles.  Teamwork and patience are expected of everyone regardless of experience.

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Offroading Requirements

The Requirement for Offroad Driving Skills 4×4 rough terrain driving requires extra and specific aptitudes that are not used or gained in either ordinary urban or long separation driving. It’s in this manner vital to learn and to build up these rough terrain driving systems and practice them in the event that you are to wander rough terrain. To this end, a concise outline of fundamental rough terrain driving tips is accessible here. Besides, inside and out articles are being composed to manage recuperation methods, snow, dropping slopes, driving through mud, sand, driving grooves, slithering over rocks, swimming through water, crossing side slants, climbing steep grades, crossing trench and gorges, night driving and winching.

Learning to Offroad

4×4 driving is most successfully and helpfully aced at an inside or school which has particular 4×4 educators close by to instruct, empower and prompt you. The guide on this site encourages you to find 4×4 driving focuses closest to you which can help give you the experience you require. When you have built up these crucial 4×4 driving abilities, a rough terrain focus can even now be of administration to you. You can appreciate fun 4×4 exercises and encounters, with companions or family, and work on driving your 4×4 vehicle unquestionably and securely however difficult circumstances. You will discover a scope of rough terrain exercises and encounters recorded by district.